Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finally Finished!

Wow, what a trip.
I made it, it's done, OVER!
It was a lot of fun doing this, I will repeat the experience (hopefully),Near the end I was goign to bed at 9:30 am and then waking up at noon to meet the deadlines. That was the bad part, but other than that, everything went great, I'm presently waiting for the final Render, wich takes like 24+hours (yeah that sucks).
Next project? HORSE THE BAND VIDEO? who know, I know it would be fun.
Other news from JEIK include:
- I bought a new PS2 (slim one with modem!)
- My cat pissed on my DragonBallz!
- I Ate!(something, anything)
- I took a shower! (whoah!)
- Bought GOLGO 13 collection (1325 pages!!!)
- VERO did a new painting and it's really awesome!

ps: go read Perry Bible fellowship! now!(

LOG out!


Doom said...

Woo! Congrats!
Now go eat some bacon before sleeping 40 hours straight

and that bible thing is pretty neat!

Anonymous said...

Your blog Sucks! You Suck! Everything you do Sucks! God who made living kittens Suck! Drawing is gay and it Sucks!People with big nostrils Suck!

...i need a blowjob...

Michel Falardeau said...

Felicitation Jeik !

Crime, tu t'es fait un nouvel ami avec le message avant moé !

Felicitation pour ton nouvel ami aussi !! :D

Eric Baptizat said...

Tiens, tu possedes un blog toi maintenant? Et t'as pas achete de Xbox 360? Et ton Dragonball est plein de pipi de chat et tu l'as quand meme pas jete (le chat)? il s'en passes des choses...

JEIK DION said...

des poissons morts?
Mais tu es un vrai dramaturge!!!

c'est excellent Eric, je me suis rendu compte que tu m'influencais énormément...ouais je sais, je ne dessine que des ninja/mangas/dark/samurai/dragonballz...

mais quand même!!! ^_^

ah il FAUT que tu lises Number 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joelle said...

yééééééééé bravo Jeik.
p.s. you still got a check here...