Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wow, what an Incredible week I just had!
Lot's of cool stuff happened to me, starting with ARION ANTICIPATION's lounge night.
I drew a Live painting (with photoshop, projected on screen) and it was awesome!
I had 20 mins to do a pic inspired by the anticipation universe...wich can be pretty abstract, while the autors where reading parts of their books. A D.J. was also spinning records. The show went so great that It made me want to to it again, maybe assosiated with a dj or something, but next time I would like to do it on a longer time period.
So if any of you read this and know a dj that would be interested just e-mail me, it could be great fun! here's the speedy that I did:
Oh, and while we were testing the projector I just messed around and did a girly face, wich stayed on screen for a while before I did the real one!

Later during the weekend, One of my friends that works over at CONTROL (skateboards company) gave me the 4 boards that I designed last year, it's awesome to look at and made me want to do more of them! I'llpost some picture later, the battery on my camera are dead.

Right now I'm working on a logo for a great band not related to indica.
I hope it works out well, I'd be really proud.

I saw THE FOUNTAIN for the 2nd time yesterday. It is without a doubt my favorite film this year. also got the soundtrack, all of you should experience both!


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