Monday, April 02, 2007

Flesh and blood

HEy all!
working on lot'S of cool stuff, even if I didn't get much made last weekend.

It was my cousin's birthday (JE TAAAAIIIIME JC!!!!)
also saw some interesting movies, such as : Taxidermia very interesting and disturbing!

and the other one was Guinea pig: Flowers of Flesh and blood.
This one isn't for everyone.
It is without a doubt the most GORE movie I have ever seen.
Storywise its not great but the physical effects blew me away.
It is a must see for everyone who wants to work in the special fx industy.
I guess seeing Grindhouse trailers made me want to watch it, but I dont regret it!
okay okay enough with all this, I'll post some art now...^_^
here's a acrylic painting I've done:
and finished version:

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Brown Patente said...

Mon écran d'ordi est sale, j'vois pas full bin. C'est un bel arbre. Manque un peu de vert pi de brun. Comme mon vomis.