Sunday, August 05, 2007


Ok, so the quality of this vid is REAAAAALLY bad.
I didn't think I'd upload it at first, but I will surely replace this by a better version soon.
So yeah, it doesn't represent the video that well but please comment anyway!

have a good one!


davounet said...

DUUUUUDE! I think you did a great job on both of your last animes. I noticed one thing though. The motion on the 'une de perdue' fits better with the music and rythm. On the Grim Skunk one though, when the music kicks in, your still kinda going on the same pace as the intro (which is slower and less energetic). You may need another software to do faster effects and motions. Have you tried doing some frame by frame motion as well as layer motion (pans and zooms)? I think it would add a lot to the outlook (probably will take you longer too). Drink more coffee and play less video games... :-D

Take care!

Michel Falardeau said...


Brown Patente said...

Hey check ca ca va te donner une idée du rythme que peux avoir un clip qui est surtout composé d'images fortes.
Si tu le décortique en scénario et en storyboard ca ressemble un peu à ce qu'on voulait faire avec WAR.

Ca peux te donner des idées de koi faire et koi pas faire.