Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San diego sketches...

Ya.. It's been fun...

It's also a good thing to always carry a sketchbook around...
Sometimes I was just waiting a couples minutes and I had the reflex of drawing the street.

It's not good... but at least it's practice!
Going To SDCC (the San Diego Comic Convention), I remembered how Art can be academic.. I mean almost with grades and all...

I dont' think I see my art in any class... So I try not to think about the industry like that...


This one I did super Drunk with my girlfriend...


And a bonus painting at the end!
I had time to do this lazy in the afternoon... drinking a Heineken under the sun, and near the pool... MERCI NICOLE!!!!!!


Umm.. by the way guys... ( by guys I mean the 6 of ya... O_O)
Come by and say hi!
I'm all ears... and I even dream of you at night... 9_9

next on JEIK BLOG: popgun sketches muhdafuhka!


1 comment:

Dan said...

haha jeik you're an ass for never stopping by the SS booth on the last day - I really wanted a sketch from you ahah