Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm a guy from the 6th

It was my birthday last thursday.
And I got a really big and weird present.
I got hired as a concept artist by UBISOFT!
That's right, I signed my contract on the 6th of september.
So far It's really awesome, I can't talk about what project I am on, but I will just say that it fits my style perfectly. I feel honored to be part of the team and can't wait to play the game already!

It feels weird to go to the office every morning. I'm used to work during the night because it's always quiet and no one bothers me.
Now, it's the opposite, not that people bother me or anything but this is not a solo job. I need to talk to members of my team many times a day. And waking up a 7am for me, is surreal!
last night I fell asleep in front of my computer at home, and it wasn't even 1 AM!

well, my contract will last 2 months so the blog will probably chill for that period.

Here's 2 pictures for an upcoming short story to be published by the good fellows over at FRONTFROID

The book will feature many artists such as
Michel Falardeau
Oli Carpentier
Fred Jourdain
and other surprises!

I'll keep you updated on that!

Have a good one!