Wednesday, September 06, 2006


yup, just turned 25 today.
and nature gave me a really anoying gift: l'HERBE A PUCE!!!!
it sucks and i hate it.
other than that I must admit that it really doesn't bother me that much being older...
I guess I'm a better person with time..I think!

- fighting herbe a puce like a mech!
- got a new printer!
- watched "the BIRTH" (awesome movie by Jonathan Glazer!)
- Discovered that CYBERNATOR is an awesome snes game by Konami!!
- Super Metroid
- Yoshi's Island
- Zelda, Link to the past
- Megaman 7

that's all folks!


Fnanala said...


J'ai réussi à oublier ta fete !!


Quel mauvais ami je suis...

Mais j'ai un pas pire cadeau si tu finis par te plugger sur msn au lieu de dormir... ;-)

DJ_D@VE said...

What the f...

I've always thought that only geeks had blogs. Well I guess that only says one thing about you: you're a geek! A geek that my heart loves, in its own way...

Isn't it funny how sometimes you remember birthdates and some others you don't... At least I'm still thinking about you every full moon when I go to bed and I get sweatty. Is this blog published worldwide? Maybe I should pay more attention to what I'm saying...

Anyway, so happy birthday, enjoy being 25 cause it will only last 1 year, and that's it!

Great! Now the whole world knows I love you!!!