Thursday, September 14, 2006

violently happened much stuff has happened since my last post..
I finally had my operation, I'm a woman now!
yeah It feels really good to know that It's okay to be a lesbian with my girlfriend now...

KickAss show violently happened last saturday.
It was awesome and brutal.
lot'S of really great bands were rocking and I met the guys from BIGWIG.
the Only little bad thing was...well actually it's a big thatIf any
It rained most of the day, and since this is an exterior show, well alot of people didin't show up.
Usually the kickass holds between 2000 and 4000 people.
So this year was fucking tragic for the organisators...(my cousin is the founder).
I spent all day thinking that if I was millionaire I'd help him out.
If any of you happen to be rich or just really generous give some money to KICK ASS
This is kinda important cause the staff really put all their energy and heart into this, they are really professional and it would be a shame that a show that encourages Quebec's hardcore/punk/metal bands fail just because of a rainy day.


Following up with JEIK NEWS:
-drank beer for the first time with my unknown family.
-SAW CONVERGE OMG !!!!1111ONE111!!!111
amazing as expected.
-still working on stuff I can't show.
-vanquished the fuckin' herbe a puce bitch.
-drew this fo' my dad's b-day
-I'm all into violent hardcore again
-did not play a single minute to any videogame since my birthday.
-reading DeathNote (actually there is a really creepy story behind this)
-started reading one piece!!!


I Think I'll go play some FFVI now!
oh and that "I'm a woman now!" part was a joke by the way.

good night...
and good luck.

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