Friday, August 04, 2006

whoah! 16 bits!!!

Hey to all dudes and chicas.
Just came back from that trip to montreal and it was err...
Let's just say that It was a good weekend for me profesionnaly.
Lot's of good moments with my friend Doomas who managed to create a mini-fantasia festival in his appartment. I realised there are so manny movies I wanna see!!!
2046 would be a good start. Also meeting Jo and Fred from the KODIAK crew was also awesome.
So besides that I'm really into Battlefront II, great game.
oh, and If anyone here could recomment a good nes/snes/sega genesis emulator for Mac OSX that would be great.
Here's a little something I made...


Dan said...

good god man...this is my new fave blog..."linked" love your colors and energy in the pieces!


Anonymous said...

hey ta juste a mle demander kestion émulateur jake ;)