Thursday, August 31, 2006

news..? nahhh...

It's late...or early.
but happy!
drawing lot's o' stuff I can't show right now...
exept a little FFVI fanart!

other news from JEIK include:

-read nausicaa from Miyazaki, and almost cryed from the sheer emotional power of this master stroryteller (yeah I liked it a lot!)
-watched Pirates 2
-still playing FFVI, another masterpiece.
-gave my cat some pills.
-working on the Grimskunk album artwork.
-listened to Chill em' all (champion).
-noticed that my music video still isnt' airing.
-started to learn 3d with my friend Boussourir!!!
-read Mertownville 2.
-watched new MGS4 trailer.
- and er...thats it!


Anonymous said...

Grown men can cry too!

And what possessed you to go see Dead Man's Chest!!??! oh wait,... Keira Knightley..nevermind

Anonymous said...

Keira Knightley = Woman Dead Chest :)

JEIK DION said...

beauty lies within the soul!!!

not the tits!!!

she has a very nice ass too

Anonymous said...

My beauty is in my tits!

you should see you could snort em all in pig boy!