Monday, October 16, 2006

more stuff from meeee!

I'll post a link where to buy them soon...

presentlry working with TOKKUN Studios...more of that soon too


Anonymous said...

Another response from MEEEEEE!!!
I just wanted to congratulate our brother Jeik for a piece published some time ago on called "la traverse". I think it was genious and it made me cry, I mean on the inside, I never show my emotions in public...

I thought it was worth mentionning...

Keep posting on cabron, cuz I'm always checking them out!

MC Dee

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you so got it right! except that without the falafel it doesn't seem as real, but it's still killer to look at!

I'd ask you to draw the PMX flyer guy, but you'd probably have to animate that strange energetic scottish dude.

and Tokkun sounds alot're not working with jpn people are ya?! cause one can go pretty far by saying "oppai" repeatedly!

bah, just woke up, at least I signed this time!