Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One angry Smurf

This is a sketch I made a couple of weeks ago while I was invited by the fine folks over at Lecteurs.ca . It was actually In St-lambert, I was hungover and didn't eat that day. I had to draw one of my comic strips "C A Z E" LIVE N FRONT OF EVERUBODY!!! So just to get me a bit in shape I asked someone in the (very small) crowd if they'd like me to draw something...anything!
"UN SHTROUMPH!!" (or smurf) someone cried out.
well that's what he got.


Laurent Boutin said...

Hahahaha c'est ├ęcoeurant !!!

Grand Schtroumpf smash !

Unknown said...

comment tu vas??
je me disais bien que t'avais un Blog!! bien cool ces nouvelles prod'!
je surveille t'inkietes^^